Eucharist: Remembrance, Todah, Sacrifice, Supper

• The Eucharist, or the L-rd’s Supper,  is a fulfillment of the Todah sacrifice (an ancient Jewish thanks and remembrance offering which included bread and wine, which is currently fulfilled amongst Jewish families during the Kiddush blessing of Erev Shabbat, and which is corporately fulfilled in the feast of Passover… the very feast during which the Eucharist was instated).

• Genesis 14:18-20 (Melchizedek, the Priest of G-d and the King of Salem which would later be named Jerusalem or City of Peace, brings forth the first Todah offering for the conquest G-d accomplished through Abram)

• Exodus 12:14, 13:3 (The Todah, instituted in the Passover meal, is commanded to be perceived as a meal of remembrance)

• The Gospel According to John, chapter 6 (Yeshua foreshadows the significant fulfillment he would make in the Todah well before the night he installs the Eucharist)*******

• The First Letter to the Corinthians, chapter 11:23-34 (If you do not discern the Body, you eat and drink judgment on your head)

• “In the coming Messianic age all sacrifices will cease, but the thank offering [in hebrew todah and in greek eucharistia] will never cease.” -Rabbinic teaching found in the Talmud

• Yeshua came from the line of Yehudah — or Judah — which is the verbal form of todah — to give thanks.

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