I hate getting home and realizing I have nothing to do but work. So, right now I am avoiding it at all costs while blogging and watching last night’s recording of Conan O’Brien. Don’t get me wrong, its nice to be able to work remotely and basically just sit on the couch all day. In fact, I should consider myself quite lucky to have this current arrangement. Yet, working from home and being a sluggard do not mix as I have recently realized. But seriously though, who wants to look at code all day? I know you don’t… so why should I be expected to? I think the problem is that most Firms and/or businesses don’t  have art departments so they are unaware website rendering is not a one man job. I would love to just design the sites and make artwork, but everyone can program these days… so finding a design job where you just design is difficult as you are considered “under-qualified” if you don’t comprehensively know web programming.  See? Its not my fault… its yours for over-qualifying yourself at home while I’m getting my BA. Well maybe it is my fault to a degree. I must admit, I have been experiencing a surplus of my own laziness lately… perhaps it is something I will have to reconcile (I promise not go into how beautiful the Sacrament of Reconciliation is). Now I am feeling guilty so I will finish up the post and start on some work….maybe